While our priority is recruiting mentors in Addis Ababa, we will have the option of e-mentoring available for individuals who would like to mentor, but do not reside in Addis. E-mentoring will especially make it easier for the diaspora community to join the platform and give back.

The Ethiopian diaspora community around the globe is a diverse and resourceful group that would benefit highly from joining the platform, as it will be able to support and work with the young people in Ethiopia who will shape our future. So we will be calling on Ethiopians living abroad to join our platform as mentors and provide any help, to the best of their abilities.
It is also our vision to start a summer program for young Ethiopians living abroad to come to Addis (and various cities) and host mentorship programs. Since a lot of young Ethiopians come home during their summer breaks for vacation, helping them make the best out of their time at home and giving them an opportunity to engage in mentorship will be great. We hope to work with various diaspora groups to make this happen.
If you are an Ethiopian diaspora and would like to join our platform, please signup here.